New Growth

It’s wonderful to see fresh life budding, new leaves and early flowers emerging from their winter siesta. Old wood needs pruning back, new growth loves the extra space to flourish but may also need guiding, trimming or even removing. As in nature, so in human life…. time to dispense with the old, tired ways, instead nurture fresh perspectives, cultivate those tender new growths, celebrate and use increases in energy, seek out the lighter feelings and let them come to life. Maybe take tentative small steps to develop a new perspective, maybe jump right on into the deep end! Wakey, wakey it’s time to get moving and find that summer shine!

Who is my biggest critic?

I’ve been noticing lately that I’m a victim of bullying and had/still have a tendency to manipulate or bully others.
Despite lots of work over many years including counselling, psychodrama, hypnosis and of course coaching, I realised during my walk today that it’s still happening and I still have a tendency to bully myself.
That inner critic still sneaks in and once in, has the power to grow, oh so fast, if I don’t spot it.
Does it matter? Oh yes it does! My walk today started reluctantly in a damp, dank, grey world where I nearly didn’t set off. I did go, but began immediately pushing myself to get it done quickly so I could do more at home.
Once I heard myself nagging at me, I managed to turn every reluctant step into a focus for love and kindness to ME. Then came the energy and decision to share this with you rather than pretend I don’t do it….
Do you recognise this in yourself? Think about it, how kind are you when you talk freely and unconsciously to yourself? Is it just me??

Where are your thoughts focused?

I don’t know the source of this story, but it certainly rang bells for me!

An old man was teaching his grandchildren about life.

He said to them, “A battle is raging inside me … it is a terrible fight between two wolves. One wolf represents fear, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego. The other stands for joy, peace, love, hope, sharing, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, friendship, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

The old man fixed the children with a firm stare. “This same fight is going on inside you, and inside every other person, too.”

They thought about it for a minute and then one child asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”

The old man replied: “The one you feed.”

Is coaching the best route for you?

I’ve just embarked on a training course to formalise my coaching skills (with Coaching Cognition). Starting this journey is somewhat daunting but I’m determined to keep myself informed, educated and working to a recognised standard – how many coaches can say that??

The question today:

Is coaching the best route for you or is finding a counsellor, consultant or mentor your best route?

If you want emotional and/or psychological guidance, then maybe finding someone who has professional mental health training would suit you best? Possibly counselling rather than coaching is the best approach for you.

Do you need an expert in a specific field to teach you exactly what to do? Maybe you could find a consultant to work with rather than a coach.

Do you want someone experienced who you can look up to, aiming to follow in their footsteps? Perhaps your search will take you to someone to be a mentor for you.

Are you aiming for external goals (personal or professional) but need confidential, safe, professional support along the way to help you find your own answers?  Then coaching may be just what you are seeking.

Have you ever been coached? Did it help you?

Working From Home: Paper Trail Filing

It’s important to keep track of your contacts and interactions with people. Initially it’s less vital but as time goes on and your Network Marketing/MLM business grows it becomes impossible to keep track of it all in your head.

Some may prefer to use a computer but then it may not always be accessible. Here is a suggestion for the old fashioned paper trail!

Use two large files (arch lever) one with 1-31 dividers – one for each day of the current month and the other with January – December. Use a Contact Record Sheet for every current prospect you have – a sheet of paper with a memory prompt written on it (see below). File it in the 1-31 file according to the day they are to be contacted in the current month (by surname in alphabetical order for each day).

Those who are not being contacted in the current month (ie the 1-31 file) are slotted in the appropriate month in the January-December file depending on when they are to be contacted, so even if it is in 11 months time they won’t get forgotten. Again, file alphabetically for each month so it’s easy to find a prospect when you need to.

Additionally, an alphabetical card index box can provide a helpful, speedy reference if there is a very brief outline on a card for each prospect but take care to keep this up to date and check every so often to ensure no-one has been omitted or ‘gone astray’!

Contact Record Sheet
Make a template sheet so you know where to look for information about each person –

1 Contact details: name, address, landline, mobile phone number, website etc

2 Key facts: eg age, interests, things that excite them, reminder of partner/children names/ages etc.

3 Fill the rest of the page with the date and a summary of each contact you make or attempt to make eg ‘no answer, no message left (na/nml)’ or ‘no answer message left (na/ml) with a memory jogger for the message left’ or brief details of any exchanges you do have so you can easily recall the discussion and refer to it in the future. This helps to boost your confidence when planning calls and gives a good impression to your prospects who will enjoy being memorable!

Working From Home: Thought 4

Keep focus – this is your business, you are working from home but treat it as you would if you were in a job, don’t have TV, radio etc distracting you. If necessary turn your phone to silent for periods to reduce stressful distractions from the task you are doing. Don’t spend ages with emails or social media or surfing the web if it is not income producing activity. However, this sort of activity may be crucial for you, so use anti-social hours to prevent you from wasting time which is for income generation.

Working From Home: Thought 3

Develop your own area of expertise – remember that people join YOU not the Company so you need to learn to market yourself. Traditional sales techniques have a place, such as good business cards, fliers, leaflets, information sheets etc. Make sure your contact details are on everything, including every product you sell or lend or give away. Your company may have constraints on wording so pay attention to their policies. You need an online presence, ideally linking a web shop with a blogging presence and social media. Learning and updating these can be time consuming so take care to limit and control the temptation to spend all your time relating to the computer rather than the activities you committed to and interacting with people!

How am I doing? Hope this helps!

Working From Home: Thought 2

Thought 2
At the end of one week plan the next one – decide the amount of time you will spend on your business and plan it. Plan your time for the next seven days allocating such things as:
• Non-business appointments, family commitments etc that have to be done
• Calls to make – write in the names and numbers for each call to be made (see filing system to ensure you know who to call and when)
• Encourage team members to call you but initially call them regularly to help keep them on track and enthusiastic (see filing system to ensure no-one gets lost)
• Who are you lending product packs to and collecting them from – with contact details? (see filing system to ensure you remember)
• Carding, prospect finding – where, for how long, how many to be done?
• Business meetings, trainings etc etc
• Admin, planning, preparation, thinking, accounts etc are all tasks to be done whenever possible during antisocial hours
And then when you have done the tasks tick them off so you can see what you have achieved each week. Focus on the tasks to be done NOT the outcome from each individual action.

Please let me know if this is useful or if I’ve omitted things!

Thought 3 soon!

Working From Home: Thought 1

I’ve been having some thoughts about working from home:

Thought 1

As far as possible establish a routine. It’s easy to fall into work becoming a hobby or on the other hand letting it take over every minute of the day – clock yourself on and off so you know how long you have been working. Keep focus – use an alarm every half an hour if necessary to keep you on task.

Do income generating activities first in a day – for example

  • Make phone calls to new leads
  • Contact customers
  • Book appointments with new leads
  • Book appointments with new associates
  • Book events
  • Get out there and DO the things you booked or committed to do

Do things such as admin and planning when it is impossible to do the above ie early or late in the day or at other times when it isn’t appropriate to make calls or visits.

Hope this helps?  Thought 2 soon!

Working from home?

So was I right in my last message with the list of things people want if they have their own business?

I know I always wanted to be self employed but could never think what I could do that would bring me enough income to make it possible. I’m a pretty good all rounder but never saw myself as having anything special that I shone at to let me launch my own business. I also wanted it to be flexible and not to all rest on me all the time, I wanted holidays and quiet times too.

Network Marketing or MLM (Multi Level Marketing) seems to me to be the ideal way to experience the best of both worlds so I have my own business, I don’t employ anyone but I can leverage my time. I’m not working alone, in fact I have all the support I need as my sponsor WANTS ME TO SUCCEED and I sponsor others into the business so I coach and mentor others.

It’s a real copycat business, there is no need to hold others back in case they steal my job, I can encourage them all I want so its great!

Tips I Found Helpful When Deciding Which Network Marketing (MLM) Company to Join
• A sound and clear marketing plan with progressive benefits
• A well established business with a strong and proven record
• A financially stable company
• A company that has consumable products
• One (in the UK) that‘s a member of Office of Fair Trading and Direct Sales Association and has Investors in People (all indicators being well regulated and genuine business opportunities, not scams).

I was looking for clear tracks to follow, successful and active training opportunities and support while learning the business.

It’s important to be aware of what you are NOT being told – this is your future, so invest some time and effort into locating a company that will suit you in the long term.