Coming home is HARD!!

Just started blogging…..Still dreaming of last December when I was in the sunshine and heat of Thailand, Australia and New Zealand, away for almost 6 weeks!The Reclining Buddha, Bangkok

Now I’m home and cold and its grey outside. Still I’m being taught the delights of blogging by Rebi and will distract myself from dreams

So this is my first entry and I’m learning all about Word Press and a whole new communication system.

Our trip started with 3 days in Bangkok, an amazing city. I loved the wonderful range of¬† stimuli from colours, smells and sights to sounds and hot sunshine on skin… A tour of the major temples turned in to a personalised trip for us as the only people being helped by a wonderful guide: Mr Morgan! He kindly enlightened us about many of the special things the city has and even demonstrated¬† folding the petals of a lotus flower bud for us.¬†

We took a daytime canal trip and an evening dinner cruise. In amongst it all we witnessed an array of magnificent opulence and gut wrenching poverty. Bangkok certainly has its share of them both.

Next stop Australia, but that’s for another day!