I said it was GOOD!!

My last post told you about my argument with the hot oven dish when cooking and indeed I went to bed with a very burnt and sore forearm that I’d treated relentlessly all evening with Aloe Vera Gelly. It was still tender and very sore as I settled to sleep. I know the Gelly is good but even so, I expected a disturbed night and a tender, blistered arm in the morning.

Well I woke well refreshed next morning and didn’t even remember what I’d done until I caught sight of my arm in the mirror and saw two red wealds each more than 2″ long and scarcely 1/2″ apart. . . but felt no sensitivity at all. I’ve kept using the Gelly and also Aloe Propolis Creme to moisturise and keep the germs away when I remember – which has not been very often. My arm was already feeling as good as new!

The trouble with cooking

So it was my turn to produce the evening meal. . . . usually the food behaves and cooks obediently without incident but tonight one of the hot dishes suddenly jumped out of my oven gloved hand, skittered across my ungloved fingers and bounced three times down my arm. . . at first I thought it wasn’t anything, just a glancing warmth but then the tenderness started and the pink/redness began to grow, so I rushed upstairs and belatedly began dousing myself in Aloe Vera Gelly.

Hopefully after lathering the Gelly on frequently tonight it will settle down and heal quickly.

Lesson of the day: Beware jumping dishes, they cause such trouble when cooking. . . keep Aloe Vera Gelly handy!