Working From Home: Thought 4

Keep focus – this is your business, you are working from home but treat it as you would if you were in a job, don’t have TV, radio etc distracting you. If necessary turn your phone to silent for periods to reduce stressful distractions from the task you are doing. Don’t spend ages with emails or social media or surfing the web if it is not income producing activity. However, this sort of activity may be crucial for you, so use anti-social hours to prevent you from wasting time which is for income generation.

Working From Home: Thought 3

Develop your own area of expertise – remember that people join YOU not the Company so you need to learn to market yourself. Traditional sales techniques have a place, such as good business cards, fliers, leaflets, information sheets etc. Make sure your contact details are on everything, including every product you sell or lend or give away. Your company may have constraints on wording so pay attention to their policies. You need an online presence, ideally linking a web shop with a blogging presence and social media. Learning and updating these can be time consuming so take care to limit and control the temptation to spend all your time relating to the computer rather than the activities you committed to and interacting with people!

How am I doing? Hope this helps!