Who is my biggest critic?

I’ve been noticing lately that I’m a victim of bullying and had/still have a tendency to manipulate or bully others.
Despite lots of work over many years including counselling, psychodrama, hypnosis and of course coaching, I realised during my walk today that it’s still happening and I still have a tendency to bully myself.
That inner critic still sneaks in and once in, has the power to grow, oh┬áso fast, if I don’t spot it.
Does it matter? Oh yes it does! My walk today started reluctantly in a damp, dank, grey world where I nearly didn’t set off. I did go, but began immediately pushing myself to get it done quickly so I could do more at home.
Once I heard myself nagging at me, I managed to turn every reluctant step into a focus for love and kindness to ME. Then came the energy and decision to share this with you rather than pretend I don’t do it….
Do you recognise this in yourself? Think about it, how kind are you when you talk freely and unconsciously to yourself? Is it just me??

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