New Growth

It’s wonderful to see fresh life budding, new leaves and early flowers emerging from their winter siesta. Old wood needs pruning back, new growth loves the extra space to flourish but may also need guiding, trimming or even removing. As in nature, so in human life…. time to dispense with the old, tired ways, instead nurture fresh perspectives, cultivate those tender new growths, celebrate and use increases in energy, seek out the lighter feelings and let them come to life. Maybe take tentative small steps to develop a new perspective, maybe jump right on into the deep end! Wakey, wakey it’s time to get moving and find that summer shine!

Is coaching the best route for you?

I’ve just embarked on a training course to formalise my coaching skills (with Coaching Cognition). Starting this journey is somewhat daunting but I’m determined to keep myself informed, educated and working to a recognised standard – how many coaches can say that??

The question today:

Is coaching the best route for you or is finding a counsellor, consultant or mentor your best route?

If you want emotional and/or psychological guidance, then maybe finding someone who has professional mental health training would suit you best? Possibly counselling rather than coaching is the best approach for you.

Do you need an expert in a specific field to teach you exactly what to do? Maybe you could find a consultant to work with rather than a coach.

Do you want someone experienced who you can look up to, aiming to follow in their footsteps? Perhaps your search will take you to someone to be a mentor for you.

Are you aiming for external goals (personal or professional) but need confidential, safe, professional support along the way to help you find your own answers?  Then coaching may be just what you are seeking.

Have you ever been coached? Did it help you?