Working From Home: Thought 3

Develop your own area of expertise – remember that people join YOU not the Company so you need to learn to market yourself. Traditional sales techniques have a place, such as good business cards, fliers, leaflets, information sheets etc. Make sure your contact details are on everything, including every product you sell or lend or give away. Your company may have constraints on wording so pay attention to their policies. You need an online presence, ideally linking a web shop with a blogging presence and social media. Learning and updating these can be time consuming so take care to limit and control the temptation to spend all your time relating to the computer rather than the activities you committed to and interacting with people!

How am I doing? Hope this helps!

Working From Home: Thought 2

Thought 2
At the end of one week plan the next one – decide the amount of time you will spend on your business and plan it. Plan your time for the next seven days allocating such things as:
• Non-business appointments, family commitments etc that have to be done
• Calls to make – write in the names and numbers for each call to be made (see filing system to ensure you know who to call and when)
• Encourage team members to call you but initially call them regularly to help keep them on track and enthusiastic (see filing system to ensure no-one gets lost)
• Who are you lending product packs to and collecting them from – with contact details? (see filing system to ensure you remember)
• Carding, prospect finding – where, for how long, how many to be done?
• Business meetings, trainings etc etc
• Admin, planning, preparation, thinking, accounts etc are all tasks to be done whenever possible during antisocial hours
And then when you have done the tasks tick them off so you can see what you have achieved each week. Focus on the tasks to be done NOT the outcome from each individual action.

Please let me know if this is useful or if I’ve omitted things!

Thought 3 soon!

Working From Home: Thought 1

I’ve been having some thoughts about working from home:

Thought 1

As far as possible establish a routine. It’s easy to fall into work becoming a hobby or on the other hand letting it take over every minute of the day – clock yourself on and off so you know how long you have been working. Keep focus – use an alarm every half an hour if necessary to keep you on task.

Do income generating activities first in a day – for example

  • Make phone calls to new leads
  • Contact customers
  • Book appointments with new leads
  • Book appointments with new associates
  • Book events
  • Get out there and DO the things you booked or committed to do

Do things such as admin and planning when it is impossible to do the above ie early or late in the day or at other times when it isn’t appropriate to make calls or visits.

Hope this helps?  Thought 2 soon!