New Growth

It’s wonderful to see fresh life budding, new leaves and early flowers emerging from their winter siesta. Old wood needs pruning back, new growth loves the extra space to flourish but may also need guiding, trimming or even removing. As in nature, so in human life…. time to dispense with the old, tired ways, instead nurture fresh perspectives, cultivate those tender new growths, celebrate and use increases in energy, seek out the lighter feelings and let them come to life. Maybe take tentative small steps to develop a new perspective, maybe jump right on into the deep end! Wakey, wakey it’s time to get moving and find that summer shine!

Who is my biggest critic?

I’ve been noticing lately that I’m a victim of bullying and had/still have a tendency to manipulate or bully others.
Despite lots of work over many years including counselling, psychodrama, hypnosis and of course coaching, I realised during my walk today that it’s still happening and I still have a tendency to bully myself.
That inner critic still sneaks in and once in, has the power to grow, oh┬áso fast, if I don’t spot it.
Does it matter? Oh yes it does! My walk today started reluctantly in a damp, dank, grey world where I nearly didn’t set off. I did go, but began immediately pushing myself to get it done quickly so I could do more at home.
Once I heard myself nagging at me, I managed to turn every reluctant step into a focus for love and kindness to ME. Then came the energy and decision to share this with you rather than pretend I don’t do it….
Do you recognise this in yourself? Think about it, how kind are you when you talk freely and unconsciously to yourself? Is it just me??