Working From Home: Paper Trail Filing

It’s important to keep track of your contacts and interactions with people. Initially it’s less vital but as time goes on and your Network Marketing/MLM business grows it becomes impossible to keep track of it all in your head.

Some may prefer to use a computer but then it may not always be accessible. Here is a suggestion for the old fashioned paper trail!

Use two large files (arch lever) one with 1-31 dividers – one for each day of the current month and the other with January – December. Use a Contact Record Sheet for every current prospect you have – a sheet of paper with a memory prompt written on it (see below). File it in the 1-31 file according to the day they are to be contacted in the current month (by surname in alphabetical order for each day).

Those who are not being contacted in the current month (ie the 1-31 file) are slotted in the appropriate month in the January-December file depending on when they are to be contacted, so even if it is in 11 months time they won’t get forgotten. Again, file alphabetically for each month so it’s easy to find a prospect when you need to.

Additionally, an alphabetical card index box can provide a helpful, speedy reference if there is a very brief outline on a card for each prospect but take care to keep this up to date and check every so often to ensure no-one has been omitted or ‘gone astray’!

Contact Record Sheet
Make a template sheet so you know where to look for information about each person –

1 Contact details: name, address, landline, mobile phone number, website etc

2 Key facts: eg age, interests, things that excite them, reminder of partner/children names/ages etc.

3 Fill the rest of the page with the date and a summary of each contact you make or attempt to make eg ‘no answer, no message left (na/nml)’ or ‘no answer message left (na/ml) with a memory jogger for the message left’ or brief details of any exchanges you do have so you can easily recall the discussion and refer to it in the future. This helps to boost your confidence when planning calls and gives a good impression to your prospects who will enjoy being memorable!

Working From Home: Thought 4

Keep focus – this is your business, you are working from home but treat it as you would if you were in a job, don’t have TV, radio etc distracting you. If necessary turn your phone to silent for periods to reduce stressful distractions from the task you are doing. Don’t spend ages with emails or social media or surfing the web if it is not income producing activity. However, this sort of activity may be crucial for you, so use anti-social hours to prevent you from wasting time which is for income generation.